A helicopter is scheduled to remove the Wells Fargo signage at the 1 Independent building in Jacksonville, Florida’s downtown. Formerly known as the Wells Fargo Center, the skyscraper is losing the massive letters as a result of the bank declining to replace the sign’s lighting and deciding to reduce its presence in the city, according to the Jacksonville Daily Record.

The letters will come down on July 14, and as a result, building access will be restricted for four hours and streets around the building will be closed as a safety precaution. The sign company leading the removal was not disclosed in the coverage.

“(The closures) are due to the removal of the Wells Fargo sign, which will involve a helicopter removing each letter individually and transporting them to a designated area near the stadium,” the building manager said in an email to the local publication.

The sign was initially installed in 2011. Wells Fargo has been leasing more than 100,000 square feet of space across seven floors, but is expected to downsize to two floors.

A helicopter was used to remove the signage from Jacksonville’s former Ameris Bank building (now called Riverplace Tower) in 2019.

The building was acquired by New York-based Argentic Investment Management LLC in April. According to Argentic, new signage may eventually be installed on the building.