InteliCoat Technologies Announces New Magic® DMBL5 Backlit Film and Reintroduces Magicle Torino 21G

South Hadley, Massachusetts—InteliCoat Technologies®, a world leader in the manufacture of coated paper, film, and specialty substrates for digital imaging applications, has announced Magic® DMBL5 6.5 mil satin backlit film, as well as the reintroduction of Magiclée® Torino 21G satin 21 mil poly/cotton, heavy textured, artist stretch canvas. 

MagicDMBL5 is an instant dry and water-resistant backlit film. The product’s satin print surface allows for maximum ink density, vivid color and high image resolution for backlit viewing in both indoor and outdoor applications. DMBL5 is designed for water-based pigmented ink systems compatible with pigmented inks.

“We are constantly striving to build and improve InteliCoat’s market-leading Magic, Magiclée and Museo® brands of digital imaging media,” said Jennifer Chagnon, senior marketing manager a t InteliCoat Technologies. “We are pleased to expand our portfolio of products with the addition of Magic DMBL5 and reintroduction of Magiclée Torino 21G. By continuing to deliver innovative media, InteliCoat is able to offer our customers a wide variety of products to choose from to select the one that is best suited for their particular application.”

The new and improved Magiclée Torino 21G artist stretch canvas has a two over one weave pattern, making it more pliable and easier to stretch and wrap. The canvas is compatible with water based thermal/piezo technology supporting either dye or pigmented inks. Magiclée Torino 21G is ideal for portraits, fine art reproductions, museum art, heavy-duty indoor signage, photo displays, and maps.

Additionally InteliCoat has announced that it will be discontinuing Magic Vinyl-Pro, Firenze170 PSA, DMBF5UV, and GFCVG.

Contact your Magic supplier to learn more about Magic brand products or view InteliCoat’s inkjet Web site at