LED Technology on Display Inside Boston’s South Station

Daktronics BlueOutdoor A

Daktronics BlueOutdoor ABoston’s South Station, the city’s largest train station and intercity bus terminal, started 2013 by showing off its new large format, hanging LED advertising screens.

Daktronics Inc., the world leader in LED display technology, designed and manufactured each of the two LED displays that measure approximately ten feet high-by-eighteen feet wide and feature 6 millimeter pixel spacing.

Blue Outdoor, a New York-based outdoor advertising company, purchased the displays primarily for advertising but plans to eventually offer interactive marketing opportunities in the future.

“Much of the content is solely for advertising, but other content such as news alerts and weather alerts are also featured,” said Evan Seigerman, CEO of Blue Outdoor. “The initial goal is to sell to as many advertisers … so 95 percent of the time it will be dedicated towards ads.”

Designed for premier organizations and locations that can accept only the highest image quality at the closest viewing distances, this technology takes advantage of 3-in-1 SMD (surface-mount device) LED to produce exceptional brightness, unsurpassed viewing angles and incredible picture detail.

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Located in the heart of Boston’s major business district, South Station serves as the major downtown commuter rail station. It is a hub for the MBTA, Boston’s primary public transportation system and a main stop for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Service.

The nearly 4 million monthly visitors who frequent the transportation spot will also enjoy high-quality audio performing in harmony with the hanging LED video displays using focused directional speakers. The audio system provides amazing sound reinforcement offering South Station advertisers the highest LED display system quality in the industry.

Discover more about Daktronics dynamic LED video displays at www.daktronics.com/spectaculars.