Patti King, a longtime leader at the ISA Affiliated Association level, was presented the Kirk L. Brimley Distinguished Service Award during a special reception at ISA International Sign Expo.

King served as executive director of ISA affiliates Arizona Sign Association, Colorado Sign Association, Nevada Sign Association, Utah Sign Association, Northwest Sign Council and Western States Sign Council. She also served as executive director of The Neon Group, American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter and continues to serve as executive manager of a regional economic development group, Pinal Alliance for Executive Growth.

“Patti has been a passionate advocate in building bridges between the sign and graphic industry and planners and it has paid off,” said Dana Duncan, president of the Arizona Sign Association. Duncan presented King with the award. “Patti has used her dual roles to help deepen the close relationship between planners and the sign and graphics industry to see the benefits of a collaborative approach.”

Duncan noted the many ways that King had served ISA as well, from the Affiliated Association steering committee to the selection committee for the ISA Elite. King also has served previously on the selection committee for the Brimley award.

“I could not have done any of those things without the support of the affiliate boards of directors,” King said. “They’ve been very generous in allowing me to serve in ways that they perhaps didn’t have the time to do. I’ve always appreciated their vision in seeing the benefits of volunteering and supporting me when I did so.”