MaxLite LED Lamps Shine for Jeweler


Radcliffe Jewelers, a premier retailer of luxury merchandise in Towson, MD, wanted to decrease their energy consumption and increase the quality of light in two glass display cases that showcase figurines and other collectables. The display cases were lit with poor quality lamps that gave off a yellowish tint and produced a great amount of heat that could be felt through the glass, which would in turn alter the color of the figurines within the case.


CEO Shane Hresko and his team at Bmore Green replaced 50 35-watt MR11 halogen lamps in the two display cases with just four 20-watt LED Linear T8 Lamps, reducing the energy consumption by 1,670 watts, or 95 percent.

“I selected MaxLite’s LED Linear T8 Lamps for this job because I wanted to try indoor LED products after I had so much success with MaxLite’s outdoor LED products in the past. I installed the T8s, and they work absolutely perfectly,” said Hresko. “You can clearly see the difference. Before the cases were dull, and now the cases are bright and vibrant and the colors stand out.”MaxliteJewel2

Hresko said that MaxLite’s products, in conjunction with a larger overall retrofit of the retailer’s existing lighting products, enabled the store’s air conditioning unit to turn off for the first time ever in the 15-year history of the store.

He said that this was due to cool operating LED products that helped to reduce the temperature within the store, enabling the outside ambient temperature of the mall to negate the need for air conditioning. Additionally, the cool operating LED lamps do not fade the color of the figurines and showcase them in a bright, high quality light.