OKI Offers a New Solution for Short-Run Web Printing

OKI_LogoOKI Data Americas offers its pro510DW Digital Color Web – part of the OKI proColor™ Series of printers – together with the Kompac EZ Koat Web 15 by Kompac Technologies. The combination of the pro510DW Digital Color Web’s ability to produce fast, customized continuous web printing with the EZ Koat’s UV coating applicator, further expands the products’ usefulness within the flexographic industry.

The OKI pro510DW combines affordability and functionality, making it an ideal solution for short-run Web printing. By using the pro510DW in conjunction with the additional UV coating provided through the combined use of EZ Koat, Web 15 provides rub-, fade-, water- and scratch-resistance to the printed materials, which is advantageous for multiple applications.

“OKI has further expanded the usefulness of the pro510DW with the addition of the Kompac EZ Koat,” said Rich Egert, general manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “OKI offers innovative, high-quality, short-run color printing solutions through its proColor Series. By entering into such collaborative relationships as the one we’ve forged with Kompac, OKI continues to develop and broaden its product line to meet current and emerging needs within the marketplace. This will surely be attractive to the desktop and production markets, and benefit our channel partners and dealers, alike.”

Thomas Hayes, president of Kompac Technologies, agreed. “Kompac’s EZ Koat coating system is an ideal post-production supplement to the OKI pro510DW,” he said. “The protection afforded printed materials through the addition of UV coating adds tremendous value and is revolutionizing printing at this price-point.”