Schlosser Signs Acquires Channel Letter Machine


SchlosserSigns-aSchlosser Signs of Loveland, Colorado (and a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of signage in northern Colorado and beyond), has announced the acquisition of a new piece of equipment, an Accu-Bend Lite machine from Computerized Cutters, Inc., of Plano, Texas. The computer-controlled machine automatically manufactures aluminum channel letters, reducing by up to 75 percent the time required to fabricate letters by hand.

“This machine lets us keep our skilled craftsmen focused on other priorities,” notes Carla Schlosser, CEO of Schlosser Signs. “And the improved efficiency and reduced waste will allow us to be more competitive, both for small orders and larger contracts, as well.”

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Schlosser notes that they are now the only retail sign company north of Denver to have a machine with this capability.

“Channel letters” are the custom-made sides, exterior, or frame of standard three-dimensional exterior signage commonly used by businesses and other organizations.

Once the machine has been programmed using a standard sign design software interface, the Accu-Bend machine takes raw stock aluminum fed from a coil on a motorized material feed table, sends it through the machine to be notched, flanged, bent, and cut, and places the finished product on a stainless steel offload table. Other companies have used the machine to increase their output of channel letters by 400 to 500 percent, while producing a more consistent, accurate product.

The company also plans to make use of the new machine to offer more options to its contract sign installation customers. Schlosser has long been a trusted sub-contract installation partner for national sign manufacturers, receiving signs shipped from around the country for installation across Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Now it’s possible for computer design files to be emailed to Schlosser so the company can manufacture the channel letters.

The Accu-Bend was the world’s first machine created to automatically notch, flange, and bend complete channel letters. It handles .063-gauge aluminum material at a feed rate up to one foot per second and produces single-piece letters, shapes, and logos up to fifteen feet tall.

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