SGIA Report: Fastest Growing Imaging Products

SGIA-BackdropSGIA recently completed its 2010 Product Specialties Survey Report for all SGIA members and survey participants. The end-of-the-year report provides an inside look at the newest products and services for the graphic and garment communities.

“This new report provides a unique view of the specialty imaging industry,” said Dan Marx, SGIA’s Vice President of Markets and Technologies. “It will serve as an excellent tool for any company looking to diversify, expand and succeed in our competitive industry.”

The full report includes data such as:

* Technological advancements;

* Post-production services;

* Product production percentages; and

* Anticipated sales growth

SGIA-CaptAmerica-Printwear-2According to the survey results, banners proved to be one of the strongest products for graphic imagers in 2010 (80.4 percent), allowing weaker products such as awnings to only reach about 12 percent. Garment decorators expect performance apparel to be the number one growing product (66.1 percent), while pennants topped the list of declining products at around 44 percent.

The survey also shows that almost 93 percent of graphic imaging companies and more than two-thirds (67.4 percent) of garment decoration companies offer post-print and/or finishing services to their customers. More than 60 percent of garment decoration companies and nearly 50 percent of graphic imaging companies perform screen production services for other printers.

To see all of the results from the 2010 Product Specialties Survey Report and to stay up-to-date about the industry’s latest products, SGIA members can access the full report by visiting, Keyword: Survey.