SGIA Takes Action on 1099 Reporting

SGIA-Large_FormatFairfax, Virginia—On November 29, the United States Senate voted to keep the 1099 Reporting Requirement (contained in the new health care law, Section 9006). Since the requirement isn’t active until 2012, SGIA’s Printer Action Committee will continue working hard to repeal this provision, which could increase 1099 filings by 2000 percent.

“This reporting provision greatly increases the amount of paperwork that small businesses would need to generate, costing companies that are still working to recover from the recession, precious time and money,” said Marci Kinter, SGIA’s vice president of government and business. “There is still time to repeal this new legislation, and I encourage the SGIA community to utilize the Printer Action Committee to voice their opinion about this issue.”

In the coming months, SGIA will continue its efforts for a full repeal of the 1099 Reporting Requirement — as well as other government and industry issues. For more information about the Printer Action Committee and to take action, visit, Keyword: PrinterAct.