Upgraded RTape Website Features New Product Line


RTape-FlexFlockSiteRTape Corp. is pleased to announce the addition of the RTape Flex and Flock heat transfer materials product line to their Web site. The new Web pages are built around the four primary product offerings:

* Polyurethane Flex films for plotter cutting

* Polyurethane Flex films for print and cut

* Flock films for plotter cutting

* Flock films for print and cut

The new Web pages are focused on the requirements of the heat transfer fabricators. These pages complement the fresh look of the new Flex and Flock sales sheets and literature, all of which are available on the Web site as downloads.

Distributors and their end-user customers have easy access to all of the critical information for this product line:

* Complete technical information for all product offerings to aid product selection.

* Application guidelines to help end users in correct use the products.

* Articles on heat transfer materials with the most current industry information by Jim Hingst, a foremost authority and writer in the graphic arts market.

* Answers to FAQs.

To visit the upgraded Web site today and provide your input, check out www.rtape.com.