Walls + Forms Offers Merchandising Solutions for All Types of Franchises

Walls + Forms, Inc., provides customized merchandising solutions for franchises and other organizations with multiple units in such vertical markets as wireless, electronics, tools, kitchen and bath, tanning, and additional markets as vast as one’s imagination. They meet the needs of some of the biggest names in business and future franchising leaders by providing the best overall approach to each challenge presented.

Walls + Forms has an extensive background in franchise merchandising solutions which has provided the company with a thorough understanding of this special marketplace. As a result, Walls + Forms is uniquely qualified to provide pinpoint merchandising solutions for its diverse requirements.

The needs of individual locations often vary widely. However, it is always important to maintain the same Brand Identity in each environment. Therefore, Walls + Forms always starts by addressing the overall merchandising needs of each company’s specific requirements.

Most often, a modular display system can be designed that allows for maximum flexibility while maintaining a consistent presentation. The resulting merchandising display elements are usually compiled into a company specific catalog offering. This approach allows each location to select only the display fixtures that will be of benefit to them. The product catalog is kept active and up to date, based on each client’s changing requirements.

Beyond specialized product offerings, Walls + Forms provides equally specialized support services. Its Customer Service team focuses on providing each client support geared to the individual franchise’s needs. They can assist with fulfillment requirements, project management, shipping coordination, and much more.

Walls + Forms meets the merchandising solutions needs of franchises with a wide range of offerings. Each of their SlotFit counters has been designed and manufactured with the retailer’s aesthetic, structural and functional requirements in mind. Based on European cabinetry techniques combined with “Good Old American Know How,” SlotFit (pictured), and preassembled counter designs are made to meet the demands of today’s commercial environment. Floor displays include a wide array of triangular units, cube displays, pinwheels, H-units, H-gondolas, t-shirt cubes, and more that are shipped “knock down” and ready for quick and easy assembly in any size rollout.

Walls + Forms modular wall system’s approach is elegant in its simplicity. The design is based around simple to install modular frames that can be mounted to walls. Once the frames are in place, panels of various sizes, colors, shapes, and types can be dropped into place using built in keyhole slots. Panel components are completely interchangeable. Panel locations automatically provide opening slots for hardware. Wire management is provided by the frame design itself, resulting in no visible wires, easy access, and quick interchangeability.

For further information, visit http://www.wallsforms.com/industries/franchise.



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