Helen Keller Foundation to Support NC Surf Camps

Helen Keller Foundation to Support NC Surf Camps Photo: Jack Viorel

“We want to leave the world a better place,” said Keller Johnson-Thompson, announcing a three-year program supporting North Carolina surf camps for visual and hearing impaired children. Johnson-Thompson is great-grand niece of Helen Keller, and serves as Vice President of the Helen Keller Foundation in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Helen Keller, both deaf and blind, left an inspirational legacy of achievement against insurmountable odds. Keller’s advocacy to “see the possibilities” continues today through the Helen Keller Foundation.

“Water is magical,” said Jack Viorel, president of North Carolina’s Indo Jax Surf Charities. “As water opened doors for Helen Keller, surf camps tap inner-joy and self-confidence, removing barriers for the future.”

Keller Johnson-Thompson agreed, saying, “We know surf camp will open doors and opportunities for these kids.”

Alex Munroe, committed supporter of the Helen Keller Foundation said, “Surf Camp will provide a gateway for the children to jump into the water and follow Helen Keller’s example of taking risks.”

Munroe’s company, Alert Tile, manufactures warning systems used around the world at crosswalks and on walkways. Alert Tile donates a portion of all sales to the Keller Foundation.

Indo Jax Surf Charities will conduct the Keller-backed visual and hearing impaired surf camps in July. The North Carolina camps are open to children regardless of state or nationality.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and surrounding communities have a long history of reaching out to special needs kids and adults. Life Rolls On, for people with spinal injuries; Surfers Healing for children with autism; Wounded Warriors surf camps; Juvenile Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis camps; all designed to help people realize possibilities and move forward in life.

Special Diet and Lodging

For special menu and lodging needs, contact Blockade Runner Beach Resort, a long-time supporter of charitable surf camps, at 910/256-2251 or visit www.blockade-runner.com.

2014 Surf Camp Calendar

Indo Jax Surf Charities
May 27-29  Boys and Girls Clubs of Wilmington
June 17-19  Juvenile Diabetes
June 23-26  Children of Belarus
July             Helen Keller Foundation Month
July 14-18   Visually Impaired Surf Camp
July 28-31   Hearing Impaired Surf Camp
Aug 11-14   Boys and Girls Home of Waccamaw
Aug 18        Surfers Healing
Aug 19-21   Austism Surf Camp
Sept 13       Wounded Warriors Camp

Ocean Cure Charity Camps
June 3         Boys and Girls Club
June 21        Life Rolls On
Aug 4-7       Wounded Warrior Project Surf Camp
Aug 16         Visually Impaired Camp
Aug 18-21    Autism Camp
Sept 16        Little Pink Houses of Hope
Oct 1           Little Pink Houses of Hope
Friday’s        Team Jelly Fish
(Aug 31-Nov 16)

For more information, contact Jack Viorel of Indo Jax Surf Charities at 910/274-3565 or Jack@IndoJaxSurfSchool.com or Kevin Murphy of Ocean Cure Charity Camps at 910/431-0594.



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