Top Square Signs Offers of 2022 Will Renew in 2023

Square Signs

Square Signs, a custom online sign making company based in Burbank, California, launched a number of client-centric campaigns in the year 2022. The company, which specializes in sign printing, regularly offers outstanding promotions to its customers. Throughout the year, they ran several campaigns that will continue to be in effect in 2023.

Benefit-rich Referral Program

Recently the company launched a referral program for its registered users. For every friend they refer, users will receive $50 off on orders that exceed $200. Each user can refer 5 friends at a time and receive a $250 discount with each form they submit. Customers get a $50 coupon every time one of their limitless referrals makes their first purchase. To top, the referred friends get a 15 percent discount code valid for a one-time purchase.

Seasonal Sales and Promotions

The company has introduced a promotion for every major occasion this year, starting with Valentine’s Day and ending with Christmas and New Year. In addition to seasonal specials, they offer various discounts on many of their new and best-selling signage products. The savings ranging from 10 percent to 40 percent are activated with coupon codes valid for specific products or sitewide, depending on the campaign.

Free Shipping Availability

Square Signs also offers free ground shipping on products under thirty-six inches in size and over a certain price threshold. This is a great deal for clients who want to make budget-friendly choices. It’s the company’s way to ease the burden of increased shipping and retail prices worldwide.

Square Signs provides signs suitable for branding, promotions, gifts, and decoration.

Their website features an intuitive design tool that enables users to create unique designs or upload ready-made files for immediate printing.

—Press Release