GKD Metal Fabrics Adds Artistic Elements to Product Portfolio

GKD Metal

GKD Metal Fabrics is bringing increased style and hue to their offerings with custom etching and color designs. These capabilities, paired with GKD’s vast number of high-quality metal mesh solutions, give architects the freedom to create visually astounding, custom structures.

“Our coloring and etching capabilities can help architects achieve their artistic mission with their projects,” said Josh Bradley, director of Marketing, GKD-USA. “The sky is truly the limit for them, and, more importantly, they achieve aesthetics without sacrificing functionality.”

During etching, graphical elements are added to any one of GKD’s metal fabric products. To begin the process, AutoCAD files are used to create masking for the requested design. Once the graphics are created in AutoCAD, they’re transferred onto grids to cut the shape and size of the design mask. The design is then etched into the metal fabric using the mask.

GKD Metal
Juan Valdez Café.

Since the graphics are etched directly onto the metal surface, there is no danger of the designs fading over time. In addition, maintaining etched metal fabrics is as simple as other interior or exterior fabrics from GKD.

The maximum width for etched metal fabrics is twenty-six feet. There is no limit to length, meaning even the grandest of facades can make their mark.

GKD has already helped structures around the country showcase their custom design. Buildings such as Century Bank ArenaCentral Corridor Light Rail Transit, and Juan Valdez Café are only a handful of examples of how etching brings building design to the next level.

GKD’s colored metallic meshes open a wide range of colorful textures for architects and building designers.

GKD uses a variety of processes to achieve color-coating for large and small panels of both flat and round wires. Color and heat are applied to create a powerful and even bond. Color comes in many sizes and metal fabric patterns.

GKD Metal
Kunsthalle Mannheim Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Rigid and PC meshes made of stainless steel or aluminum can be powder coated with a variety of colors. Aluminum Omega 216 can be anodized in colors of gold, silver, bronze and black and can also be powder coated. Escale meshes with anodized aluminum helix members bring color to the larger scale pattern. For custom applications for other meshes, any RAL color is available to large quantity orders of architectural mesh, subject to technical review.

“Adding custom elements can invigorate any structure,” said Bradley. “In our mission to help architects add beauty and functionality to their structures, it was natural we add custom coloring and etching to our portfolio.”

To learn more about custom etching and color designs for GKD metal fabrics, visit www.gkdmetalfabrics.com.