New FOME-COR Foam Boards Collection

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce its newly integrated FOME-COR® Collection—the widest portfolio of high-quality, innovative foam boards designed to meet the needs of the display, graphic arts and framing industries.

Introduction of this newly integrated FOME-COR Collection follows 3A Composites’ recent acquisition of the EnCore® Products and Elmer’s® foam boards division from Atlanta-based Newell Brands, Inc.

“3A Composites is focused on providing the most expansive and forward-thinking line of high-quality rigid substrates available to meet the evolving needs of the display, graphic arts and framing markets,” said Chuck Kunze, director, product management and marketing, 3A Composites USA. “The newly integrated FOME-COR Collection strengthens our offering to these industries and, in particular, solidifies our commitment to the framing and retail markets. This collection combines technology from both 3A Composites and EnCore, ensuring that our foam boards offer unparalleled cutting and recovery performance in the market. Our new product portfolio—represented by the seven sub-brands comprising the FOME-COR Collection—is just the first major change in our full product lineup that will continue to expand in 2021.

“Stay tuned in the coming months for more innovative brands and product introductions from 3A Composites USA.”

The newly integrated FOME-COR Collection offers a variety of products with premium bright-white, double clay-coated facers that are ideal for screen printing and direct digital printing applications as well as products with high-quality uncoated facers that provide flat, smooth surfaces for mounting graphics or backing photographs and fine art in framing applications.

All FOME-COR products are produced using a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a foam core unsurpassed in cutting and fabrication capabilities and which delivers superior performance in both pillowing and memory/recovery variations.

The FOME-COR Collection includes:

FOME-COR – The Original Graphic Arts Foam Board. FOME-COR is comprised of polystyrene foam with bright-white coated paper facers or black uncoated paper facers, a composition that is extremely lightweight and easily cut even by hand. FOME-COR produces excellent results in screen-printing and direct digital-printing applications. It is perfect for die-cutting with a compressed, pillowed edge that stays closed. FOME-COR also is uniquely embossable to create 3-D effects in displays.

NEW FOME-COR WITH ENCORE TECHNOLOGY– Recovery Performance Re-imagined. FOME-COR WITH ENCORE TECHNOLOGY is comprised of specially formulated memory foam with bright-white coated paper facers or black uncoated paper facers. This composition offers a surface that is more resilient to dents and allows edges to remain open in die-cutting applications. Bright-white coated facers provide excellent printing results.

NEW FOME-COR FOUNDATION – Your Base for Superior Framing and Mounting. FOME-COR FOUNDATION is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with a variety of high-quality acid-free facers. This rigid backer provides a flat, smooth surface for superior mounting and framing with no read-through lines. FOME-COR FOUNDATION is perfect for the archival preservation of valuable art and photographs; antique white paper facers meet Library of Congress standards for conservation framing. FOME-COR FOUNDATION cuts with the same quality of standard FOME-COR and offers a cost-effective alternative to corrugated cardboard for non-printing applications.

NEW FOME-COR SINGLESTEP® – Heat-Activated Mounting Made Easy. FOME-COR SINGLESTEP® is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with coated facers, one side with heat-activated adhesive that activates with low temperature settings to achieve a quick and damage-free mount. FOME-COR SINGLESTEP eliminates the need for hot melt tissue stock in the mounting process and can be used with both heated, mechanical, or vacuum dry mount presses or with a heated roller laminator. Reusable release papers are included.

NEW FOME-COR QUICKSTIK – Peel & Stick with Precision. FOME-COR QUICKSTIK is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with coated paper facers, one side covered with either low-tack or high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive that eliminates the need for pressure-sensitive adhesive stock. Release paper peels back to reveal adhesive for fast and easy mounting. Repositionable low-tack board is well suited for hand-mounting applications while permanent-bonding high-tack board is pressure-activated and ideal for high-volume automated mounting applications.

FOME-COR JETMOUNT – Demand More from Foam Board. FOME-COR JETMOUNT is comprised of enhanced densely extruded polystyrene foam with bright-white coated or black uncoated paper facers. This denser foam core provides increased rigidity and warp resistance making it ideal for more demanding mounting jobs such as free-standing displays, signage and framing. FOME-COR JETMOUNT cuts with the same quality as standard FOME-COR.

FOME-COR CANVAS – Amplify Your Art. FOME-COR CANVAS is comprised of polystyrene foam with embossed “canvas-like” coated paper facers on both sides. This deeply embossed texture creates an artistic look while offering an economical alternative to competitive canvas-like products. FOME-COR CANVAS cuts with the same quality as standard FOME-COR.