Results from Vycom Recycling Program at ISA 2022

Vycom®, a market-leading manufacturer of highly innovative plastic sheet products, concluded its inaugural on-site recycling program targeted specifically for exhibitors using rigid PVC and acrylic at the ISA International Sign Expo 2022, held in Atlanta from May 4-6, 2022. Vycom collected nearly 3,000 pounds of rigid PVC and acrylic materials from the show floor. vycom recycling program ISA

Understanding that signage and graphics exhibitions are notable users of short-term rigid PVC and acrylic, Vycom placed collection bins in exhibitors’ booths and in the ISA Green Zone, partnering with Cutworx USA, Kongsberg PCS, and Mimaki USA to collect scrap and trim used during their demonstrations. The company also collaborated with Freeman Exhibitions and the Georgia World Congress Center to facilitate collection of the materials.

“There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the recycling program, not just from other exhibitors but from attendees as well,” said Kevin Duffy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vycom. “Many sign companies are acutely aware of the lack of transparent recycling options for rigid PVC and acrylic materials. Everyone that visited seemed passionate about sustainability and were pleased to learn about this program’s immediate availability to begin recycling their scrap generated in production and used signage.”

About the Vycom Recycling Program

The Vycom Recycling Program is designed to take back and recycle printed and unprinted rigid PVC and acrylic sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, acrylic, and PE products – in coordination with consolidators for drop-off or collection – to recycle used signage and scrap. The material is returned to company-owned domestic facilities and used to manufacture the residential and commercial products, ensuring this scrap does not end up in landfills.

vycom recycling program ISA

The AZEK Company diverted approximately 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills in 2021, increasing from roughly 400 million pounds in 2020. Additionally, 56 percent of all the company’s extruded products were manufactured from recycled material inputs in 2021.

For more information on the Vycom Recycling Program, interested parties are encouraged to contact Mike Sherrod via email at [email protected], visit or call 800-235-8320.