Since 1986, Techno has been perfecting the balance between low-cost and high-quality CNC routers. The Atlas Series is the culmination of over thirty years of design and field experience. With many repeat customers, Techno continues to bring things up to the next level of performance. Techno provides affordable CNC routers that handle production, require little maintenance, and typically give fifteen to twenty years of service.

The Atlas Series uses precision helical rack and pinion drives on the X and Y axes, ball screw on the Z axis, a heavy steel frame and gantry with 7.5 inches of gantry clearance and 9.5 inches of Z axis travel. This CNC router is rock solid and proves itself time and again in production level applications. It is rigid, repeatable, and reliable, making it a favorite among sign makers because of the great cut quality in all materials such as plastics (e.g. acrylic and polycarbonate) wood, aluminum, and foam. The Atlas machine comes equipped with a one-inch-thick phenolic T-slotted vacuum table and 10-horsepower Becker brand rotary vane pump, ensuring that your sheets are held firmly in place and parts that are cut loose remain in place as well.

The preferred size for sign makers is the 5-by-10, but a 4-by-8 and 4-by-4 are also available. The Atlas comes standard for 208-230 volt, 3-phase operation but can also be set up to run on 220 volt, single-phase electric, making it perfect for commercial or residential use. It is equipped with an industrial grade 4 hp HSD air-cooled spindle, appropriate for cutting hard woods, plastics, and aluminum.

Some options for the Atlas Series include: digital registration camera system for locating registration marks, oscillating knife and tangential knife for cutting materials such as Gatorboard and Coroplast, Braille insertion tool for ADA signage, micro drop coolant for aluminum cutting, specialized router bits, and clamping.

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