Vycom Receives IAPD Environmental Impact Award

Vycom, a market-leading manufacturer of highly innovative plastic sheet products, is pleased to announce it has received the inaugural Environmental Impact Award from the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), the only trade association dedicated to the performance plastics distribution supply chain. The award was presented to Vycom executives during the annual IAPD Conference held August 16-19, 2021, in Louisville, KY.vycom environmental award

According to the IAPD, this award recognizes the innovative or exemplary environmental responsibility by an IAPD member company. It shows the member’s commitment to environmental stewardship and acknowledges its efforts to proactively take responsibility to develop and operate its business in a manner that respects the natural environment hand-in-hand with the commercial environment in which we operate and live.

The honor was awarded to Vycom based on the company’s commitment to sustainability, particularly the recently launched PVC Recycling Program designed to take back and recycle printed and unprinted PVC sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, PE and acrylic products – in coordination with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection – to recycle used signage and scrap, which is returned to company recycling facilities and used to manufacture the company’s residential and commercial products, ensuring these materials do not end up in landfills.

Customers participating in this program have realized up to forty percent fewer dumpster hauls, reducing the financial obligation for this service; observed much cleaner workflow in the fabrication area; and discovered the ability to recycle PVC panels without peeling old graphics, Velcro, etc., which would have been discarded as removal is a labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive process. Unanimously, all participants say that the ability to divert waste from landfills is the foremost benefit, enabling each of them to continue to be good stewards of the environment.

In addition to the Environmental Impact Award, Vycom was also honored with the IAPD Marketing Gold Award, which acknowledges the innovative or exemplary marketing initiatives by IAPD member firms. It is a special recognition for those companies that promote the positive benefits of performance plastics and leverage all the marketing tools available to them.

“We are thrilled to have been recognized by IAPD with both of these awards,” said Kevin Duffy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vycom. “It’s particularly exciting to have been selected for the inaugural Environmental Impact Award. Vycom takes being good stewards of our planet very seriously. We look forward to continuing to build our unique PVC Recycling Program, diverting material that would have previously ended up in landfills and instead turning it into long-lasting and great looking performance products.”