Roland DGA Replaces Existing Canvas Media Products

Roland DGA ESM-SGC2 (Solvent Gloss Canvas).

Roland DGA has replaced its existing line of canvas media products with two new and improved canvas offerings—ESM-SSC2 (Solvent Satin Canvas) and ESM-SGC2 (Solvent Gloss Canvas).

Both of these new 22-mil media are 65 percent polyester/35 percent cotton blends with an Oxford weave that offer the traditional look and feel of real artist canvas.

With their natural white color and increased white point, they yield outstanding image definition, richer dark tones, and more vivid prints.

In addition, these products do not contain optical brighteners, and they have excellent archival properties.

Roland DGA ESM-SSC2 (Solvent Satin Canvas)

ESM-SSC2 is available in 20-inch, 30-inch, and 54-inch sizes, while ESM-SGC2 is offered in 30-inch and 54-inch widths only.

The introduction of new ESM-SSC2 media marks the first time Roland DGA has offered canvas media in a twenty-inch size.

Customers can choose from two available roll lengths when purchasing the 20-inch ESM-SSC2 media—45 feet or 99 feet.

The new canvas media offerings can be purchased at the Roland DGA Online Store.

—Press Release