3M Pattern Software Rapidly Surpassing Industry Expectations

3M Pattern and Solutions Center (PSC) is an advanced tool that enables paint protection film and window film installers to save money and time. 3M offers PSC at no charge to qualifying customers. (Note: Installers qualified for the 3M™ Preferred Installer Program. Ask your sales representative for details.) 3M’s global pattern design team has added over 500 new paint protection film patterns in the last 18 months, including over 119 full-vehicle patterns. 3M’s investment pattern development cutting-edge technology will allow them to continue to deliver the most current database of patterns in the industry in 2019 and beyond.

Along with this fast-paced production, the design team is focused on capturing quality-fit patterns and have refined hundreds of patterns in the database. 3M Automotive Films will continue to support improvements to the 12,000 plus paint protection film kits already available in the system. 3M is so confident in the precision of its clear bra patterns, that it offers a satisfaction guarantee to fully reimburse the film cost that does not fully meet fitment expectations.

In the software, 3M built a review process to engage with installers after they cut and install a pattern. “The PSC team takes installer feedback seriously and works diligently to make necessary changes based on the review process,” says Bill Hibbard, U.S. business manager with 3M Automotive Films. “In fact, customer satisfaction has increased by 25 percent in the last 18 months. Our focused effort on 3M PSC will continue to support our installer network and help 3M stand out from other manufacturers in the industry.”

The next phase of 3M Pattern and Solutions Center development is the integration of Automotive Window Film patterns.

“We have added over 1,200 Automotive Window Film patterns that go back over ten model years—and we’re extremely excited to add them to the 3M PSC,” said Jake Culver, pattern & solution manager with 3M Automotive Films. “Our goal is to provide our customers with patterns that complement the superiority of 3M automotive window tint and paint protection film technologies—and the team has really delivered.”

3M is offering paint protection film installers the opportunity to try the 3M pattern-cutting software. Installers can visit the 3M Pattern and Solutions Center’s Web site at http://patterns.3M.com to register for access and download a thirty-cut software trial.