New EFI Fiery DFE Expands Its Reach


With the launch of Impress™, a brand-new, turnkey EFI™ Fiery® digital front end (DFE) from Electronics For Imaging, Inc., digital printing equipment manufacturers can expand the capabilities of their inkjet presses while significantly reducing development cycle time.

This affordable, ready-to-go DFE offers a flexible, complete and scalable workflow solution for a wide range of hardware platforms. Now, many more equipment manufacturers can readily achieve the outstanding imaging quality, automation and productivity that make Fiery the world’s leading DFE choice for digital print.

Available now, the new solution gives specialty inkjet equipment vendors with low-unit volumes the advantage of incorporating top-tier EFI Fiery DFE production and workflow innovations at a reduced development cost. It is the ideal approach to help press manufacturers meet customer needs, get to market quickly, and offer the ability to scale over time.

“This isn’t some RIP trying to be an industrial digital front end,” said EFI Fiery VP of Sales and Marketing John Henze. “This is the market-leading industrial Fiery DFE taking inkjet printing to the next level and making market adoption easier.

In an increasingly competitive inkjet printing field, digital press manufacturers across several industries, as well as inline manufacturing companies, are looking for a way to get to market faster by leveraging reliable, proven, and effective Fiery DFE technology. Fiery Impress gives them the best option to incorporate an efficient, effective, and easily customizable workflow.”

Superior Image Quality and Productivity in a Scalable Platform

EFI Fiery DFEs are widely used on inkjet presses for commercial printing, packaging, textiles, display graphics, building materials and more. This new solution makes Fiery technology—the premier DFE in digital print—available in a turnkey offering that can get an even broader range of inkjet press manufacturers up and running almost immediately, with full implementation in weeks, not months.

The Fiery Impress DFE is also available to manufacturers beyond the digital press market. Industrial businesses in need of a sure-fire method to implement print bars in their manufacturing lines can easily incorporate this innovative technology and workflow solution. A streaming configuration option for Fiery Impress gives them powerful RIP-while-printing capabilities for continuous, high-volume, variable-data imaging. And, by significantly streamlining the development work needed to implement VDP personalization, industrial manufacturers can easily add more value to their products.

This new solution minimizes the need for a team of DFE software developers. For digital press manufacturers, Fiery Impress can be the key component that frees them to focus on their core competency—excellence in printing equipment or manufacturing. EFI collaborates with press manufacturers to determine the exact DFE specifications required, considering press speed and file sizes, image resolution, maximum media size, variable-data or automation needs, and more. Once a manufacturer selects the right configuration of Fiery Impress hardware and workflow solutions for its press, this robust DFE solution can deliver print-ready TIFF files on day one of integration, with additional development as needed.

A Complete Workflow Solution

Fiery Impress comes standard with Fiery Command Workstation®, an operator interface for digital print job management. It also features seamless integration with the comprehensive set of software products in the Fiery Workflow Suite for efficient production printing workflow, including prepress, color management, job management, VDP, MIS integration and cloud analytics.

As a result, digital press manufacturers can help their customers produce more—with greater efficiency and quality and less waste—using streamlined and automated workflows that reduce manual touchpoints. With Fiery Impress, those customers can achieve consistent, predictable results that match a designer’s intent with industry-standard native Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.5 processing and PDF 2.0 support—a key competitive advantage not available in competing RIP solutions.

EFI also offers extended services and training through Fiery Professional Services, which are designed to accelerate the path to profitability through customization and technology knowledge transfer. Press manufacturers and end users benefit from a shorter learning curve every step of the way—from learning how to use Fiery Command WorkStation and software packages, to creating press-specific color profiles, to custom API setup and MIS integration.

Why Fiery?

Fiery solutions continue to lead the analog-to-digital transition, as they have done for over thirty years, offering breakthrough technologies to assist customers through their digital journey. With more than 2 million servers installed around the globe, print professionals trust and rely on Fiery DFEs every day for the fastest performance, best color, and the most complete digital printing workflow.

Fiery DFEs are the most scalable and integrated solutions in the market, unlocking the potential of digital inkjet presses to deliver the highest return on investment for end users.

—Press Release