Infuse Digital Announces New Vice President

Infuse Digital, a New York-based provider of digital display assets and advertising revenue, has announced the hire of Jake Indyk. As the company’s vice president, Indyk leads day-to-day management with a focus on identifying and structuring new opportunities, funding, and strategic partnerships.

Infuse Digital provides property owners the ability to modernize and monetize property assets by investing in the design, development, manufacturing, procurement, installation, operation and monetization of state-of-the-art digital media networks and specialty assets, integrated into new or existing assets. Additionally Infuse Digital provides out-of-home (OOH) media sales firms financing services for LED display assets.

Indyk has more than a decade of industry experience, successfully developing monetization strategies and securing license agreements with media sales firms on behalf of property owners with projected gross revenues in excess of $800 million. Before joining Infuse Digital, Indyk led a revenue strategy group as managing director and was responsible for helping clients maximize returns and secure long-term cash flows for their digital and static signage assets.

“Infuse Digital is focused on providing unique solutions to property owners and media sales firms in an industry that is seeing incredible growth,” said Indyk. “It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of that and finding ways to utilize digital assets that enhance real estate through revenue-generating opportunities, and I’m looking forward to introducing our offering to the market.”

As an expert in valuation and underwriting analysis, Indyk has successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar agreements with large media sales firms for some of the most iconic assets in the U.S., including Moynihan Train Hall, SoFi Stadium at Hollywood Park, (Washington) Nationals Park, and Manhattan Village.

“Jake brings an immense amount of experience to Infuse Digital,” said Dennis Hickey, president and CEO of Infuse Digital. Hickey also runs sister-company SNA Displays, a leading manufacturer in the LED display industry. “Jake’s wealth of knowledge with structuring complex deals and identifying revenue opportunities will be instrumental for Infuse Digital. We are incredibly excited to have him leading these efforts.”

About Infuse Digital

Infuse Digital, a new concept in commercial real estate enhancement, works with clients to modernize their facilities with state-of-the-art LED and LCD display assets at little to no upfront cost. Led by veterans in the digital display and out-of-home industries, Infuse Digital offers a comprehensive service, handling design, development, and procurement of digital assets as well as sponsorship and advertising sales, content management, and maintenance.

Through extensive partnerships, Infuse Digital helps its clients monetize display assets by securing transactional advertising sales and long-term sponsorship investments, ultimately offering a worry-free investment for owners, developers, and stakeholders.

—Press Release