Shop Talk Podcast, Episode 7: Dispelling the Top Digital Printing Myths

It’s now easier than ever for anyone, anywhere to find the information they need. But it’s also become easier for misinformation and “fake news” to spread. In fact, according to studies by Statista, 52% of Americans say they regularly encounter fake news online, and 67% say they’ve come across false information on social media.

And this problem of misinformation isn’t limited to politics or trending topics—it’s also infiltrated the sign and graphics industry.

On this episode of the Shop Talk podcast, we speak with Michael Maxwell, Senior Manager of Corporate Strategic Development at Mimaki USA, to get to the bottom of some of the myths and misconceptions being spread in the digital printing market.

Be sure to listen to Part 2 of our conversation with Michael Maxwell, which focuses on environmental and financial sustainability, on Episode 8: All About Sustainability.