ISA: OSHA Delays Recordkeeping Rule

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has delayed a recordkeeping rule due to take effect July 1. The rule would have required companies to file regular reports of injuries and illnesses. OSHA deemed sign, graphics, and visual communications companies to be in an industry that had higher-than-average requirements, potentially affecting any company with more than twenty employees.


While companies are required to collect this information when a worker is injured on the job—a requirement that remains in place—the new rule would have required companies to file these forms with OSHA. OSHA planned to create a database of workplace injuries, allowing researchers to identify what causes workplace accidents, identify safety hazards before they become widespread and evaluate the effectiveness of accident prevention programs.


This recordkeeping rule has been delayed numerous times since it was enacted in May 2016. The International Sign Association will continue to monitor these changes and alert the industry if and when it is rescheduled.


Contact David Hickey, ISA’s vice president of advocacy, to learn more.