Canon Solutions America Offers welloStationX Temperature Screening Station


Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has announced the availability of welloStationX™, the only automated, FDA-cleared no-touch clinical thermometer.

The welloStationX is an accurate, real-time temperature monitoring station that merges health technology and screening practices together.

Designed to quickly read the temperatures of individuals entering a communal space to help reduce the risk of spreading germs, this device can be ideal for office buildings, schools, places of worship, as well as other shared environments.

Wello, Inc., the Dallas, Texas-based company behind welloStationX, is not new to the temperature monitoring landscape. The company’s founder, Rik Heller, developed the welloStationX in 2014 in response to the Ebola virus crisis. Since that time, safety-conscious businesses in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, government, and more have used the welloStationX to support high productivity and help avoid outbreaks that could lead to costly shutdowns.

“By proactively detecting people with elevated body temperatures in a completely self-service fashion, we can help stop the spread of infection and keep employees safe. We’re extremely confident in the effectiveness of this method,” said Rik Heller, Wello’s founder. “We’re pleased to partner with Canon Solutions America, Inc., to bring the welloStationX to their customers. It’s one more step forward in our mission to help end the spread of contagious illnesses.”

Utilizing a biomedical infrared sensor, a welloStationX user’s temperature is recorded in three seconds. If an individual registers a normal body temperature below the threshold (default of under 99.5°F), an “I’m Wello” identification sticker is dispensed. When a temperature above the threshold is detected, no sticker is issued and an alert is sent to designated facility personnel.

As the welloStationX kiosk scans temperatures and collects data, the Wello portal helps configure the information to meet an organization’s needs, providing invaluable data when and where it matters most.

As of January 2021, the welloStationX has performed more than seven million temperature scans. Since fever is one of the leading indicators of infection and best predictor of contagiousness, Wello is helping to keep workers safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic through temperature and infectious disease monitoring.

The welloStationX can help deliver peace of mind to business leaders and their employees by providing:

  • Clinical accuracy, verified by clinical testing;
  • Privacy-conscious temperature screening data;
  • Touchless monitoring alleviates the need for staff dedicated to temperature screening; and
  • Predictive analysis indicators can alert staff members to potential outbreaks

Canon Solutions America, Inc., is proud to offer the innovative welloStationX solution to our customers,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president, Canon Solutions America, Inc. “In today’s ever-changing environment, safety is a paramount concern. This solution supplies a protective and proactive method to enhance safety protocols by screening potentially infected individuals while gathering and storing critical health information in order to help ensure the wellbeing of those entering shared environments.

“With this kind of powerful technology, we’re in a position to help organizations safeguard their staff and visitors while also maintaining productivity.”