Creative Realities Debuts Summer ‘22 Release, Featuring Creator X

Creator X

Digital signage leader Creative Realities, Inc. (‘CRI’, NASDAQ: CREX, CREXW) announces the rollout of Creator X, a new tool within the ReflectView digital signage software suite that allows users to design content directly within the platform.

The new feature can be accessed in Reflect Xperience, an optimized way to create and manage content all within the existing digital signage platform. Creator X allows for seamless content layout creation and design tools that can be launched from anywhere in the world—without the need for tech-proficient third-party creative teams. The tool boasts an easy-to-use designer platform with basic features such as text and image editing, video components, template creation and dimension customizations.

“Creator X is our direct answer to today’s all-too-common pain point of shrinking teams, budgets and expanding workloads,” said Jason Donnini, director of Product Management at Creative Realities. “We intend this tool to be a simple way for our clients and partner collaborators to create polished, professional content quickly and proficiently. Moreover it requires no additional burden or budget—granting a new self-reliance and content creation options that may have been previously outsourced or non-existent.”

Creator X is available to all Reflect Xperience customers, with no additional steps to gain access, further increasing value of the platform without increasing costs. Creative Realities teams will be conducting trainings for existing customers, but with the tool’s intuitive aspects and seamless integration, users will find the features and workflow familiar.

“We believe there is power in simplicity, and this tool—while simple in practice—brings critical value when teams are sorely needing high-quality content at a fraction of the price and time,” said Rick Mills, CEO at Creative Realities. “Creator X has been just the latest innovation from the brilliant minds on our in-house software development team, and we’re thrilled to continue driving this kind of innovation.”

—Press Release