FAT Straws Bubble Tea Company Goes In on Digital

FAT Straws Bubble Tea Company is using Videotel Digital’s VP90 media players for their digital signage menu board solution.

Videotel Digital, the only manufacturer serving the digital signage industry with the widest variety of innovative touch-less peripherals as well as reliable, affordable, and simple out-of-the-box industrial-grade 4K digital signage interactive media players, looping DVD players and Hypersound directional sound speakers, has announced that Texas-based FAT Straws Bubble Tea Company has chosen Videotel Digital’s reliable and affordable VP90 media players as their preferred digital signage menu board solution.

“Switching to digital menu boards required a technology solution that allowed our restaurant menu boards to be updated easily, immediately, and remotely to accommodate new campaigns, feature new flavors, or announce special offers,” says Terry Pham, owner of FAT Straws Bubble Tea Company. “We chose Videotel Digital’s VP90 players because they are reliable, and it’s been a game changer for us! We now run far more seasonal product launches or short-term promotions that we couldn’t have previously.

“This flexibility has not only helped us drive revenue, but it has also eliminated administrative time and the cost of manually updating physical menus at all of our locations.”

FAT Straws Bubble Tea Co., the brainchild of Terry Pham and his wife Jennifer, was established in 2002 and has grown to four Greater Dallas locations selling uniquely blended Boba and Bubble Tea refreshments along with milk teas, flavored coffees, brewed vegan teas and fruit teas. Their stores also carry a variety of fruit jellies.

They now run far more seasonal product launches or short-term promotions on their digital menu boards.

Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of Marketing and Sales, said, “Videotel Digital’s VP90 digital signage media player is an ideal choice for restaurant operators who need a flexible and easy alternative to static menu boards providing the ability to make immediate menu changes – whether to add a new featured item, or switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. Our VP90 industrial-grade media player has sophisticated functionality and has proven reliable while available at a very reasonable price.

“Our media players include powerful cloud digital signage software with no subscription fees, licensing, renewal, or upgrade fees. No catch.”

—Press Release