LED Displays at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium

LED Displays Softball Hall of Fame
USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium shines bright with new Daktronics LED displays.

The USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium – OGE Energy Field turned to Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, to design, manufacture, and install a new main outfield video display and two ribbon displays at the venue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The installation was completed this spring as the LED displays are shining bright for the 2023 season.

“Welcoming various events each year while bringing 300+ teams to the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex annually, these three new boards are going to bring an upgraded experience for fans, athletes, coaches and umpires to enjoy,” said Managing Director of Operations Jake Magness. “With the new Daktronics boards, we will be able to continue focusing on growing the game in a positive way and showcasing the athletes while doing so. Both the new ribbon boards and the outfield videoboard will allow us to showcase the technology improvements of the game, our athletes and their statistics as well as highlight our partners with the many different varieties that the board allows.

“When coming to the Softball Capital of the World®, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the new boards no matter where your seats are at! We are honored and thankful for the individuals who made it possible for this to happen here at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex.”

LED Displays Softball Hall of Fame
Ribbon boards deliver visual enhancements in Oklahoma City.

The main video display in left field measures approximately 26.5 feet high-by-36 feet wide while each of the two ribbon displays mounted to the seating fascia measure roughly 3.5 feet high-by-100 feet wide.

All three LED displays feature 10-millimeter pixel spacing to deliver excellent image clarity and contrast to images and graphics shown at events.

“For the largest stage of collegiate softball, the technology we’ve installed will bring all of the video and excitement fans expect to see on game day and then some,” said Daktronics Sales Representative Perry Grave. “We’re honored to work with such a great venue on this video display and ribbon board project to ensure fans have a fully immersive experience at every game.”

The video display is capable of variable content zoning allowing it to show one large image or multiple zones of content. This could be any combination of live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics and game information, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

The ribbon displays can show supplemental game information and supporting graphics while also allowing the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events.

The venue will also receive a content package for the LED displays that will be produced and delivered by Daktronics Creative Services, an award-winning in-house creative team.

Daktronics has grown with the sports industry from the company’s beginnings in 1968. Today, the company has LED video display installations at hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States.

—Press Release