Quince Imaging Adds Projection Magic to Tulsa Basketball

Photo credit: Quince Imaging.

For over twenty-five years, the Virginia-based Quince Imaging team has regularly taken live event experiences to the next innovation level through the ingenious use of the latest high-quality video and imaging technology.

As an early adopter of projection mapping technology in particular, Quince Imaging pioneered the use of real-time rendering and projection technology in many of the country’s professional sports leagues.

In early December 2022, they helped the University of Tulsa to debut one of college athletics’ most cutting-edge projection mapping system setups ever.

The powerful combination of four Christie Digital D4K40 laser projectors, AV Stumpfl PIXERA media servers, BlackTrax tracking, CUE Audio integration, and Quince’s original 3D content created an extremely impressive live-event experience.

Photo credit: Quince Imaging.

As part of the system setup, the Quince Imaging team also honored the fifty-year legacy of the legendary “Pong” by developing a custom paddle ball game that helped fans feel closer to their team by allowing them to interact with projections on the basketball court.

It was the first time that Quince Imaging used AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA real-time media server system for one of their projects.

Quince Imaging Account Manager Dan Ribaudo expressed great satisfaction with the overall performance of the versatile system. “There was very little time between the first project meeting and the actual commissioning,” he said, “but the flexibility of the PIXERA platform made it possible for our team to realise the final installation very quickly.”

The ability to cross connect multiple show control technologies proved another decisive advantage. “We built a PIXERA control webpage, which made operating the setup very easy, even for minimally trained production staff,” said Ribaudo.

Photo credit: Quince Imaging.
Company and Technology Credits:

Client: University of Tulsa

System integration, creative concept and video content: Quince Imaging

Tracking technology: CAST Group of Companies Inc., Blacktrax

Additional 3D animations: The Experiential Co.

Audio integration: CUE Audio

—Press Release