SNA Displays Launches Envision LED Display Visualization Tool

EnvisionSNA Displays has launched Envision™, the digital display industry’s newest visualization tool, allowing users to virtually design display projects in a variety of standard and custom environments.

The new online, interactive tool was primarily built for SNA Displays’ prospective clients as well as its extensive channel partner network, but will also benefit audio-visual consultants, architects, developers, designers, and owners – anyone considering digital media to shape an indoor or outdoor experience.

“We’re in the visualization business,” said Rick Bortles, vice president of global sales for SNA Displays. “So we couldn’t be happier to unveil this online tool, which really lets owners, integrators, consultants, salespeople, end-users, and so many more to get an idea of how a display will look in a practical setting.”

Envision can be used as a simple product selection device, allowing users to choose exterior products from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ line and interior products from its BOLD™ and BRILLIANT™ lines. Within each product line, users are able to select from LED modules of varying sizes and pixel pitches and scale their digital display(s) as needed in a three-dimensional model. Standard environments available include office lobbies, retail spaces, conference rooms, casinos, building facades, pole signs, blade signs, and a scalable hotel/office building.

Unlike other visualization tools, Envision provides a way for users to upload an environment to see how digital display technology will look in an actual project space. This do-it-yourself feature empowers designers, consultants, and end-users to create a basic visual mockup on the spot instead of waiting for in-house or third-party rendering resources to be made available.

In addition to being able to customize their environment, users can select from an array of preloaded content or even upload images or video for a more tailored configuration. Additionally, once users have built their custom rendering, they print a package with their mockup and all appropriate product specifications. Envision customers can also request a quote directly from the tool.

“As a top-tier LED display manufacturer and service provider, we are well acquainted with the value of a good visual,” said Bortles. “We’ve put a lot of consideration into this tool, and we think it’s going to provide a great benefit to not only our customers but the entire industry.”

The Envision tool is accessible at