Daktronics has partnered with the University of Nebraska in Lincoln to design, manufacture and install two LED displays at Devaney Sports Center for indoor track and field events. The installation was recently completed and is currently informing and entertaining audiences in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“I’ve been to countless facilities across the United States, and the ribbon boards like the ones here in the Bob Devaney Sports Center are a first of their kind!” said Nebraska Athletics Director of Operations Cody Brousek. “I’m excited to continue to work alongside Daktronics and our HuskerVision team to be able to use these new boards to their fullest potential and put Nebraska Track & Field at the forefront of NCAA track & field facilities.”

LED Display Details

The two new LED displays, one mounted to the wall at each end of the Devany Sports Center, will feature 5.9-millimeter pixel spacing to bring crisp, clear imagery to graphics and results at each event. Each display measures nearly 5 feet high by 110 feet wide to deliver a sizeable digital canvas to share all the event day information track and field fans rely on to keep engaged in the action.

“Our ribbon boards bring an atmosphere and a clarity of performances unlike any other,” said Huskers Head Coach Justin St. Clair.

“The addition of these two displays, along with our existing video display, provides the University of Nebraska multiple dynamic ways to show live results and keep spectators and athletes up to speed on the numerous events that go on during a track meet,” said Matt Warnke, Daktronics sale representative. “We are excited to see the various creative ways they use these displays to continually provide the best possible experience for their fans.”

Included in the installation is a Daktronics custom control system which will be integrated into the existing Daktronics control system already running displays at the venue.

Daktronics has grown with the sports industry from the company’s beginnings in 1968. Today, the company has LED video display installations at hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States. For more information on what Daktronics can provide for the collegiate market, visit www.daktronics.com/college.