Keystone High Power Floodlights Add OpticSwap

Tool-free lens-changing technology allows users to switch optics on the fly.

Keystone high power floodlights add OpticSwap technology,

Keystone Technologies recently added OpticSwap, a proprietary tool-free lens-changing technology, to its XFIT High Power Floodlights. With OpticSwap, users can switch the optics on the fly—it simply requires undoing a pair of clasps.

This makes high-power floodlights easy to stock, specify and install, eliminating long lead times. One fixture can handle many spaces, and you can install or change out the proper lens in seconds.

XFIT High Power Floodlights put everything in one box: a fixture with Power and Color Select, three optic lenses (NEMA 7×6, NEMA 6×6 and NEMA 5×5), a three-pin twist-lock photocell with integrated NEMA/ANSI C136.10 3-pin twist-lock receptacle and shorting cap, and heavy-duty slipfitter and trunnion mounts.

In addition, with changeable optics, installers only need to change a lens if the light doesn’t hit the intended areas, rather than replacing it with a new fixture.

The XFIT High Power Floodlight is available in 120-277V and 277-480V options. Both come equipped with the same components, including a photocell specifically designed for high-voltage fixtures. An external surge protector and a variety of glare shields are also available.

Keystone is also releasing an updated General Purpose Floodlight, adding Power Select to its list of features.