Principal LED Launches American-made Patriot Series

Patriot SeriesPrincipal LED (P-LED) is excited to announce the release of its 24V Patriot Series. Patriot is the illuminated sign industry’s first LED modules made completely in the USA. Patriot will be available for purchase on April 6.

The Patriot Series comes in four different outputs (Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge) and can operate up to 96 feet on a single 24V, 100W power source.

This series has an output range from 120-240 LM/ft and incorporates P-LED’s smart packaging, Qwik Release Tabs for easier installation, and integrated aluminum PCB heatsink. Patriot will also have information printed directly on the back of the module as well as the VHB release liner for easy product identification in the shop and in the field.

Patriot Series
Patriot Series XL.

“The Patriot Series represents an evolution in our industry leading Qwik Mod category and leverages our state-of-the-art US-based manufacturing capabilities,” said Managing Partner J. Bryan Vincent, Ph.D. “Customers today value quality at a fair price, reduction of installation times, and fast delivery and availability.”

Last fall, P-LED started manufacturing LED modules at their home location in San Angelo, Texas. This milestone has allowed for shorter lead times, premium quality, and the ability to produce customizable products.

“We love to see manufacturing jobs return to the U.S. from oversees and look forward to creating additional manufacturing positions on top of the twenty-five we have already created as a result of bringing our stateside manufacturing online,” said P-LED’s Process Manufacturing Leader Shon Tosch.

To support these new manufacturing capabilities, Principal LED increased the size of its San Angelo headquarters to approximately 60,000 square feet and made significant investments into manufacturing machinery.

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