Via Sydney Dunlap

The city of Columbia, South Carolina is looking to restrict cannabis-related imagery used in signage by vape, smoke and CBD shops in the city. Hemp leaves and pharmacy-themed signs are the main target of the initiative, according to The Post and Courier Columbia.

According to The State, the proposed new ordinance would “ban stores from using marijuana leaves or other cannabis imagery on any store signage. The rules would also ban stores from alluding to medical uses for their products by using words like ‘pharmacy’ or ‘farmacy’ in their names or advertising.”

Requested by the mayor’s office, the new mandate would extend to signs in and outside of the store, as well as to any advertising being used around the city.

The rule change under consideration would also be retroactive, including stores that already have cannabis symbols or any version of “pharmacy” on their storefront, The Post and Courier reports.

“Some of the signage on stores around town and other places tends to make these look like medical shops,” Columbia attorney Jessica Kinard explained to city council members at a June committee meeting, according to The State.

“(The mayor) wants to decrease the deception, specifically for our youth and students,” said the mayor’s aide, Payton Lang, during the aforementioned committee meeting.
Council members supported the new rules with the addition of a 90-day grace period for businesses to comply with the new restrictions. Currently, it requires two readings from the full council to become law.