Condé Offering Updated Crystal Decorating System


GoUno_CrystalGroup2Condé Systems is now offering a new and improved version of its CrystalMPrints crystal decorating system. The new CrystalMPrints system utilizes the recently introduced GO UNO printer, specialized papers, and a swing-away heat press to create full-color, photographic-quality crystal gifts and awards for special occasions such as sporting events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.

While the previous CrystalMPrints was capable of producing only clear-backed awards, the new CrystalMPrints system is capable of producing crystal awards with a clear or white backing via paper choices that include Hard Surface I (self-weeding clear film), Hard Surface II (clear film), and LaserMPrints Crystal Paper (white backing).

“The new and very flexible GO UNO printer has provided us a better way to produce crystal gifts,” says David Gross, President of Condé. “Having the choice of a clear or white backing gives decorators greater flexibility in their design and color choices – therefore allowing them to provide a better product to their customers.”