Corel Announces New CorelDRAW Membership Program


CorelDraw_GraphicsSuite_X6Corel has announced its new Membership Program where CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6 users can connect through a new cloud-based environment to leading edge graphic design tools and digital content. The new Membership Program will officially roll out today across multiple regions and will offer two membership levels. Standard Membership gives users product updates, as well as online access to digital content. Premium Membership provides exclusive digital content and early use of new product features before they are introduced to the broader CorelDRAW community in future product releases. In addition, Premium members will receive major product upgrades as they become available.

“Allowing users to create, connect, and work with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in a way that best suits them is a top priority for us. With the introduction of our new Membership Program, we’re excited to offer more choice and extra benefits to ensure our users are getting the most out of their CorelDRAW experience,” said Nick Davies, Executive Vice President of Graphics and Productivity at Corel.

The new Membership Program expands on the current CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 experience by offering members exclusive premium content, early access to new features and choices that go beyond what’s included in the box. The CorelDRAW Membership includes:

* Cloud-based connectivity to all existing digital content (Standard and Premium Members)

* Product updates, previously known as Service Packs (Standard and Premium Members)

* Exclusive content including clipart, photos, fonts and more (Premium Members)

* Early access to new product features (Premium Members)

* Future access to online services (Premium Members)

* Major version upgrades (Premium Members)

New Membership Options Available Through New X6.1 Update
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 customers can download this first update (previously known as a “Service Pack”) to become a Standard or Premium member. X6.1 delivers new valuable features and additions like new dockers, scanning capabilities, PowerClip and PHOTO-PAINT™ enhancements, additional OpenType support as well as general performance updates.

The X6.1 update will allow Standard members to experience most of the Premium Membership features for free. For future updates, users can continue to enjoy exclusive features and online content by purchasing a Premium Membership.

Availability and Pricing

Standard Membership is free and Premium Membership is available in North America for the equivalent of $8.25 per month (USD and CAD) when signing up for a $99.00 (USD and CAD) annual membership.

To become a Standard or Premium Member, users must create a Corel account within CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6. Membership options are available to box and electronic download customers of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 at this time.

Join the community at You can also connect with Corel on Facebook and Twitter @CorelDRAW.