Digital Billboards Booming in Puerto Rico


Daktronics_Logo_1For several years, a growing interest in digital billboard advertising has been blossoming in Puerto Rico. It all started in 2008, when Lamar Outdoor Advertising chose Daktronics Inc. of Brookings, South Dakota for a location in San Juan, Puerto Rico, marking the first digital billboard to be installed on the island.

Fast forward four years and that one digital billboard not only looks better than the rest but continues to be one of the most in demand rental advertising spaces on the island.

The display’s high-traffic location certainly helps, but its success is due to Daktronics’s
industry-leading contrast and brightness standards. With zero perceived tiling and high-contrast design, Daktronics digital billboards present the industry’s smoothest image, offering outdoor advertisers the best-looking digital billboards in the industry. In fact, that original digital billboard impressed Lamar Outdoor so much that they now have installed more than thirty Daktronics digital billboards with future installations planned inside the Puerto Rico

“The Daktronics Digital Billboard product line is well suited for the
Puerto Rican market in terms of reliability and longevity,” said Bill Ripp, vice president of Digital Development for Lamar. “This particular environment presents its own set of challenges with extreme temperatures, salt fog and summer storms. Daktronics modules are fully sealed, front and back, and have proven to be a dependable product for

Many LED billboard suppliers claim the leadership position in Puerto
Rico, but the Daktronics Puerto Rico installation map reveals
Daktronics digital billboard dominance on the island. Several large displays in stadiums across the island and smaller on-premise advertising displays accompany the billboards.

“Today, there are more players than ever in the digital LED market,” said Erin Harvey, Daktronics International sales representative. “Compared to the competition, Daktronics displays are the longest
lasting and provide the highest return on investment throughout the
digital billboard’s lifetime.”

Over the past decade, many LED display manufacturers have formed, improved, merged, and dissolved. By offering consistent, high-quality products and listening to customers, Daktronics has maintained the highest LED display market share in the world, and Puerto Rico is no exception. Now, with the help of Daktronics universally sized outdoor LED module, the company offers an even brighter future by easily refreshing older displays with higher resolution modules as new technology is developed.

In addition, Daktronics is the only manufacturer with IP-67-rated LED
modules. With an IP-67 rating, Daktronics LED billboard modules deliver the highest degree of protection against wind-driven rain and dust from hurricane-force winds, offering incredible value to digital outdoor operators located in tropical environments such as Puerto Rico.

Many independent outdoor operators in Puerto Rico also value the onboard, weather-sealed power supplies, comprehensive service, unmatched up-time, and low-energy consumption that Daktronics offers. With the increase of digital LED technology in Puerto Rico, the ability to service and maintain existing displays becomes increasingly important. Daktronics main ingredients for keeping the digital billboard atmosphere fresh, sustainable and growing include:

+ Keeping a clear and well-staffed service plan for the existing networks
 of LED billboards;

+ Driving consistent product development that calls for tighter pixel
 resolutions and increased reliability;

+ Advancing display monitoring capabilities that enable owners to easily
 manage LED billboard networks; and

+ Increasing real time data content such as news or pop culture feeds to
 inform and inspire audiences

Daktronics collaborates with outdoor advertising operators to improve technology while increasing overall value through digital billboard services. From providing advice on the appropriate technology, or by educating customers on the opportunities that digital presents, Daktronics wide range of billboard services combine to meet each unique outdoor operator’s business model.

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