FUJIFILM’s Innovative Solutions Equate to Success at Direct Edge Media

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division proudly shares an industry success story with loyal customer Direct Edge Media, an Orange County California-based print provider.

Since 2001, Direct Edge Media has quickly grown to be one of the larger print providers in southern California, and own and operate many Fujifilm wide format innovations, including the Acuity Select HS X2, the Uvistar Pro-8, and the recently installed Inca Onset Q40i with white.

“I believe in partnering with someone that can really satisfy our growth,” said Ryan Brueckner, CEO, Direct Edge Media. “Fujifilm has the supply chain, the distribution, and can support any vertical we decide to go after. We looked at many competitors, and they just do not have the innovation. It’s been a great decision to be a long-time Fujifilm customer.”

Ryan Clark, President, Direct Edge Media, added, “We are in growth-mode, and our success is due to the technology we offer.”

While in college, Brueckner and Clark worked together at a photo lab. Fast forward to the pair while in their early 20s, working with photo equipment in their own shop, all the while envisioning their journey, the future that lies ahead. Hard work and persistence has paid-off. They are progressively and successfully navigating Direct Edge Media into the next generation of wide format and beyond.

Years ago, the business partners bought their first Fujifilm Acuity flatbed.

“It was a big deal for us,” said Brueckner. “We went from two beds an hour with our old press to 15 beds with the Acuity Select. A year later we acquired the Acuity Select HS X2 to keep-up with our workload.”

Their impressive line-up of clients, many of which have been with them since the doors opened, include high-tech industries, well-known national retailers, museums, non-profits, colleges and the health care industry; and collectively, accordingly to Clark, they have an appreciation for excellence, creativity and results. Clients have become friends, and invitations to client-related weddings are the norm.

After a major North American client visited their shop and saw the high quality output of the Inca Onset Q40i, a request was made for all their work to be printed on the Q40i.

“Their jobs have increased jobs over 40% because they were so impressed by the Inca Onset Q40i; the bed to bed registration is pretty remarkable,” expressed a pleased Brueckner.

“The white on the Inca Onset Q40i is amazing,” said Clark. “We are managing jobs for other area print providers because they don’t have the capability to print high end white. We’ve added a second shift to keep up with demand.”

Upon installing their Uvistar Pro-8 two years ago, it runs at least 16 hours a day, and they have no regrets.

“The Uvistar wants to run, it just runs,” said Brueckner. “We have yet to empty the waste tank, because there is no waste at all. It’s a solid machine.

A well-known client, popular for their West Coast inspired product line, requested signage for their stores across the country to be printed on four-thousand linear yards of raw, natural canvas. Direct Edge enlisted the Uvistar Pro-8, printing in two-pass with the free fall system.

“The Uvistar Pro-8 literally saved our lives, it was amazing,” said Clark.

Direct Edge Media focuses on forward thinking, skillfully blending the latest technological advances with highly trained and passionate people. Brueckner and Clark are proud to build mutually profitable relationships with their clients, while exceeding expectations.

“In this business you must do a great job, and truly be sincere and honest with people,” concludes Clark.