Gilman Brothers Adds MountCor® Black to MountCor HA Foamboard Family

The Gilman Brothers Company, Gilman CT has launched MountCor Black, joining original MountCor white heat-activated foamboard as the revolutionary low temperature (130°F mechanical and hot vacuum presses and 180°F rollers) substrate with roller production speeds up to 10 feet per minute and no adhesive transfer.

MountCor has a permanent, neutral pH adhesive, and bonding at a lower temperature than other 150°F HA boards is safe for all heat-sensitive items including laser copies, inkjet (waterborne, UV, solvent and latex), photographic papers, and synthetic medias.

MountCor Black allows for mounting two-sided images with no fear of text bleeding through. Its translucent, gridded, release liner makes image alignment fast and clean plus the foolproof air release technology ensures bubble-free mounting. Available as 3/16 inches thick up to 48 inches by 96 inches.