Fluxaxis Uses Large Format 3D Printing to Increase Blood Cancer Awareness

blood cancer
The ten life-size statues on display in Manchester.

U.K.-based digital manufacturing service provider, Fluxaxis, has 3D printed two life-size master figures that were integral to a recent “Make Blood Cancer Visible” campaign for pharmaceutical company, Janssen. The figures were used by Fluxaxis’ customer, Windsor Workshop, to create molds for a series of ten life-size human bodies designed to convey the invisible nature of blood cancer.

blood cancer
One of the two life-size master figure 3D printed on the Massivit 1800 3D printer at Fluxaxis.

Fluxaxis produced the models on its Massivit 1800 3D Printer in less than eight hours each. This drastically reduced both the time and costs involved in creating the display compared to traditional production methods.

Designed to give blood cancer well-deserved priority and recognition within the UK, real-life recordings of people with the disease were emitted from the human figures to enhance the sensory impact. The campaign travelled to key locations across London, Cardiff, Manchester, and Edinburgh and received widespread pick-up across social media platforms.

Watch the making-of video and its stunning execution here.

blood cancer
The mold-making process at Fluxaxis customer Windsor Workshop.
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