Looking for Your Favorite New Wrap Tool? 3M Recommends…

Many great ideas and advances within a market can evolve from the collaboration of industry leaders. It is in that spirit, that 3M has now entered into a marketing agreement with Geek Wraps, Inc. Through the agreement, 3M will feature a wide collection of Geek Wraps tools and products at industry tradeshows and installer training programs, as well as provide select Geek Wraps products with official listing as 3M Approved Installation Tools.

“Geek Wraps has long been a supporter and customer of 3M wrap products, and we’ve had the privilege of using their high-quality tools at live demos and competitions for years,” said Marcio Oliveira, technical service supervisor for 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “Entering this new partnership is a thrilling opportunity for us to recognize the great products Geek Wraps has to offer, and we look forward to providing support to a company that continues to deliver groundbreaking, reliable tools into the expert hands of graphics installers all across the country.”

Geek Wraps offers a robust ensemble of tools that range from microfiber squeegees, power slam magnets, advanced tool pouches, wrap juice and more. Many of these products have been featured during live wrap demonstrations and vehicle wrapping contests hosted by 3M. Geek Wraps is also home to Geek Wraps University, a 3M Authorized Training and Testing Facility that offers 3M Advanced Installer Training and 3M Preferred Graphics Installers testing.

“Partnering with 3M is a milestone for Geek Wraps, and to receive official recognition of our product line from a pioneer in the graphics installation business is an honor,” said Kathy Calman, CEO, Geek Wraps. “Geek Wraps’ tools provide dynamic and dependable technology that not only works in perfect tandem with quality products from 3M, but also ensures the best possible installation of wraps.”

For more information on Geek Wraps and a full listing of their product catalog, visit www.wraptools.com and for more information on 3M Training, click here.