MaxLite’s 8-Inch Commercial LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit

ML 8InchDownlight

ML 8InchDownlightDeveloped as a replacement for older inefficient fluorescent incandescent and metal halide downlights, MaxLite® unveils its new architectural-grade, Eight-Inch Commercial LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit. The leading global marketer of energy-efficient lighting introduces the new LED Retrofit for applications in lobbies, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and other commercial settings.
“Our new Eight-Inch Commercial LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit is a replacement downlight for larger commercial spaces,” said MaxLite’s vice president of Product Marketing and Engineering Pat Treadway. “Our downlight demonstrates MaxLite’s commitment to developing and commercializing innovative and practical lighting solutions that are easy to use. Our indoor LED retrofit was engineered to install quickly and offer superior energy savings compared to previous recessed light sources.”
Installers work with a short piece of flexible conduit attached to the retrofit’s patent-pending quick connect case in order to make the line voltage connection to the existing recessed housing. Once the hardwiring is complete, the LED engine and reflector are simply attached to the quick connect and then installed to the existing housing and secured by pressure clips.
Perfect for ceilings ranging from eight to twelve feet in height, MaxLite’s eight-inch commercial downlight produces high-quality light, consistent and reliable performance, high efficiency, and superior value for the commercial and architectural market. The downlight is available in 26- and 34-watt configurations and emits light equivalent up to a 52-watt compact fluorescent fixture.
The downlight power supply is universal voltage (120 to 277) allowing customers to use one product for most commercial applications. The downlights are fully dimmable with many popular controls when used on a 120-volt circuit.

The Commercial Retrofit is offered with a wide variety of reflectors including 35- and 80-degree beam angles for general lighting, spot lighting and other ambient lighting including wall wash applications. A variety of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) options are available, including 2700K, 4000K and 5000K and have an L70 life of 50,000 hours.
Additional reflectors are available in four-, six- and nine-inch configurations.