Roland DGA announced that it’s new VersaOBJECT™ CO-i Series printers are now available in North America. The two UV-LED flatbed inkjet printers are capable of printing directly onto substrates and objects up to 9.5 inches in height and weighing up to 640 pounds.

The CO-i Series flatbeds replace the previously offered CO Series devices within the Roland DG product line. The two available CO-i Series models – the 30-inch CO-300i-F2 and the 64-inch CO-640i-F3 – enable users to direct-print graphics and text onto a wide range of materials and three-dimensional items.

The company reports that each model features a touch panel that is integrated into the printer’s ergonomically designed table, eliminating the need for a separate control tower and allowing for efficient production in print environments with limited workspace.

According to Roland DGA, the CO-i Series supports CMYKOrRe as well as Gloss, White, and Primer specialty inks. The Gloss ink allows users to incorporate finishing effects, including unique textures and simulated embossing, into their prints.