Daktronics has released DakClassroom, an event and game-day production guide for educators to build programs using a curriculum aligned with career and technical education. The company’s goal is to equip students with technical terminology to help them understand the equipment they are working with in a hands-on capacity at the high school level.

“The benefits of DakClassroom are realized at both the teacher and student level, not to mention those watching on game day,” said Faith Gustafson, Daktronics services supervisor. “Teachers receive the training that helps them prepare their students, students gain a wealth of experience and knowledge within the technology and production realm, and everyone at the live event gets to see all their hard work while enjoying the game.”

DakClassroom was designed with teacher guides, lesson plans, interactive simulations and member-exclusive videos.

“The students aren’t only running the show, they are creating and following scripts, producing graphics and videos, hosting photo and video shoots to gather content, approaching local businesses to sell advertising opportunities, and so much more!” added Gustafson. “DakClassroom helps lead all of these tasks and train students along the way. Then during the event, they get to see all of their hard work pay off.”

Access to support groups and materials are available upon signing up for a membership, including access to the Daktronics Annual Video Summit, exclusive online user groups, certificates of completion, showcase awards to students and classes, and access to Daktronics Crew Connect for students looking to take the next step.