ONYX Graphics Announces Update of Plug-in

ONYX_pluginONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced the release of SmartApps™ Sign&Banner plug-in Version 1.1 for Adobe® Illustrator® software, which simplifies and accelerates set-up of wide format signs and banners.

“Print shops understand time is money,” explains Danielle Mattiussi, ONYX director of Product Marketing. “Which is why they are excited at the productivity gains they get from using the SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in. The return-on-investment is very compelling because, with a small investment in software, shops have a tool that can help them significantly reduce their costs and get more work done.”

Plug-In Enhancements for Double-sided Banners

Based on customer requests, SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in Version 1.1 includes enhancements to the bleed setup tool that dramatically reduce the time to prepare double-sided banners. Designers can use the new Double-sided Bleed feature to specify an amount of print bleed and the plug-in automatically matches the correct bleeds for the reverse side of double-sided banners. The tool can also account for banner poles or framing and uses presets for automating the process for different banner types. The result is a tool that enables shops to quickly set up double-sided banners for quicker printing and finishing.

Mac OS X Lion Compatibility

SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in Version 1.1 also includes compatibility for Adobe Illustrator software (versions CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5) running on the new Macintosh® operating system, Mac OS® X Lion.

RIP-independent and platform-friendly

The SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in is the first in the new SmartApps toolset for creative applications. Designed to help those who prepare files for wide format printing, SmartApps plug-ins are application specific, operating system independent (can be used on Macintosh® or Windows® platforms), easy to use and affordably priced. They are complementary to any wide format RIP software – ONYX® RIP software is not required to use the plug-ins.


The SmartApps Sign&Banner plug-in Version 1.1 is available now as a free fifteen-day, full-version trial and purchase. Existing SmartApps Sign&Banner customers can download and install the Version 1.1 update at no cost.