Paradigm Imaging Group Introduces SID Triton S 320 126-inch Eco Solvent Printer

Paradigm Imaging Group, the North American distributor for SID Signs International, introduces the latest addition to the SID Triton printer line—the Triton S 320 126-inch eco solvent printer.

The Triton S 320 is the first 126-inch eco solvent printer in the Triton printer lineup, and features a dual Epson four-color print head which is adjustable up to .25-inch to accommodate thicker media such as foam board or polystyrene. The Triton S 320 prints up to 437 square feet per hour (at 720-dpi, 4-pass), or for projects requiring higher resolution, 236 square feet per hour (at 1440-dpi, 8-pass).

The pre, platen, and post heating system ensures print quality and quick drying, while the balanced automatic media take-up system is flexible and user-friendly. Optional printer tables enable quick conversion from roll to flatbed printing.

Priced at $31,900 and with ink prices at only $65 per liter, the SID Triton S 320 is an affordable solution for printing soft and rigid signage.


* Single or Dual Epson DX5 four-color printhead
* Print speeds up to 437 square feet/hour
* True resolution of 2880-dpi
* Variable 7 to 21 picoliter dot sizes
* Max printing area: 126 inches
* Automatic cleaning and capping system
* Individual pre, platen and post heaters for quick drying
* Bulk ink supply system: 1-liter per color
* Low Operating Costs: ink prices $64 per liter – 6 cents per square foot
* Adjustable printer carriage height 2mm up to 6mm (1/4-inch)
* PhotoPRINT Cloud
* One Year Limited Warranty (including printhead)

Randy Geesman, president of Paradigm Imaging Group, said, “The Triton S 320 is a great addition to our existing large format printer selection. The modest price of the equipment combined with the significant savings in the cost of ink will enable shop owners to realize thousands of dollars in captured revenue over the printer’s lifetime.”

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