Print More Efficiently with FUJIFILM Color+ Inks


FUJIFILM-LogoWant better color from your inkjet printer or need to make an older printer run more efficiently? Fujifilm can help with its Color+ inkjet inks. Color+ inks have been developed to provide optimal performance on a wide variety of inkjet printers from most of the leading suppliers.

By adapting the ink chemistry to precisely suit the characteristics of each inkjet device, Fujifilm’s Color + ink delivers stronger, more vibrant colors and reduces the need for print head purging and maintenance.

Much of the success of Color+ lies in Fujifilm’s proprietary MicroV fine pigment dispersion technology. This technology greatly reduces print head clogging that is often related to large and inconsistent particulate found in some digital inks. In Color+, the loading of pigment, as well as the selection of pigment, offers stronger, brighter colors.

When a customer is switched to Color+ inks, Fujifilm technicians do not simply perform an “ink swap,” but go through a comprehensive equipment audit, and a full ink train inspection. At that point, custom profiles are created and, as a result, printers are “upgraded,” improving the quality of prints and the printer’s performance as well.

“Since we converted to the Color+ inks, we have gained almost a full hour of production per shift by the reduction in the need to purge the print heads,” said Donnie Green, Operations Manager, Creative Big Print. “All of the colors are richer and more vibrant. The black is much denser, which has allowed us to significantly dial it back on our profiles. We were really impressed by the technicians who converted our equipment, their knowledge of the hardware, and the software was truly impressive.”