SGIA Expo Unveils New Narrow Format Zone

SGIA-ExpoFloorThere will be an all-new Expert Advice Zone at the 2011 SGIA Expo: the Narrow Format Zone. In the new educational area, attendees can learn about narrow-format imaging capabilities, as well as consumables, process management, and finishing systems. As is the case with all SGIA Expo Zones, this highly specialized area will be a sales-free experience dedicated to education and awareness of new opportunities.

The SGIA community is focused on large-format production; however, many in the industry produce small-format products. Imagers are adding narrow-format capability to strengthen their support of existing customers as well as to attract new customers.

Due in large part to the Association’s screen-print history, the SGIA community includes many companies that produce OEM markings, labels, small POP components, nameplates, and much more. Producing small-format items is a core discipline for many Expo attendees. SGIA’s Narrow Format Zone will be an excellent addition for these companies.

Zone participants are encouraged to bring equipment for display and demonstration. Because this is an education area, SGIA will provide the floor space and electric at no charge to participating companies. SGIA will also cover drayage costs from the exhibit hall loading dock to the Zone, and from the Zone back to the loading dock. A display pod including a presentation counter, sign, two chairs, and a back wall will be available for $889.00. Participants will be responsible for other expenses associated with their display. As the Narrow Format Zone is being designed, staff will work with each participating company to coordinate their specific needs.

Those interested should also look into a new conference co-locating with the 2011 SGIA Expo. In response to growing business opportunities available to SGIA Expo attendees who leverage their existing equipment to develop narrow-format products, Photofinishing News, Inc. (an international consulting and publishing company) will produce a one-day conference on October 18 called New Photo Opportunities. The Conference will focus on personalized photo products and partner relationships with customer outlets.

Be sure to check all of the SGIA Educational Zones at the 2011 Expo, including: the Digital Signage Zone, Graphic Installation Zone, Digital Apparel Production Zone, Industrial Imaging Zone, and Screen Printed Apparel Training Zone.