Summa Design Contest: The winner takes it all!

design contest summa end usersOver the years, we noticed Summa end users have become more active on social media. Nowadays, every entrepreneur will admit that the impact of digital marketing can no longer be ignored. It is overwhelmingly present in our everyday lives, private and work-related. This gives Summa the opportunity to better interact with the audience. In order to do that, Summa is always searching for new marketing tools to further increase brand awareness, reach the target audience and, most importantly, connect with people who use and trust Summa. For all the reasons above, Summa will hold a Design Contest amongst their end users to celebrate their creative minds as well as their trust in Summa.
Summa believes such a contest will be an exquisite way to nourish creativity amongst the people in the field: the sign maker, the end user.

The contest will be open to all Summa end users worldwide. To enter the contest, people first need to like Summa’s Facebook page and then upload photos of their most creative designs, made on one of our Summa finishing cutting products, in a comment on the post of the contest. The competition will run from the 1st until the 31st of October.

The winner will be chosen by an expert team of Summa judges and will be rewarded with a truly luxurious treatment in the wonderful city, Bruges. The package includes a 3-night stay in an exclusive, high-end hotel in the heart of Bruges, including activities and a meet and greet with the expert team at Summa’s headquarters in Gistel, Belgium.

For a chance to win a luxurious treatment in the heart of Bruges, visit Summa’s Facebook page.

View the complete rules and conditions.

We encourage everyone to send in their designs. We look forward to receiving a piece of your creative mind.