Voltclaw Challenges Electricians to Share Their Worst, Most Dangerous Installs

Electricians are challenged to send a photo of the worst they’ve seen. One lucky electrician will be awarded a free website, set up exclusively by ElectricitySites.com, a new service offering custom-designed, SEO-optimized and mobile-ready websites for electricians.

“Ask any electrician and they’ll tell you about the most shocking work they’ve ever had to rewire, re-install or completely redo from scratch,” said Warren Tarbell, CEO of Nonconductive Tool Company. “Today we are challenging electricians who think they’ve faced down the baddest of the bad and lived to tell the tale to enter to win a great new website for free.”

Because words can’t do justice to truly bad electrical work, either email a photo to [email protected] or upload to www.facebook.com/voltclaw. For more information, visit www.voltclaw.com.